Hi, I'm Ken

Welcome to my online home where I publish my most refined work and ideas.

In some ways, I'm an autodidact. In others, I'm a dilettante. But the term "generalist" is what most closely resonates with me.

I teach. I craft essays. I write code. I experiment [a lot], and I'm always learning.

My professional work at SpaceX revolves around the measurement of people to improve business outcomes. I'm also an adjunct professor of industrial psychology at Brooklyn College where I teach a course on technology during the summers.

Currently, I've been invested in learning and building with AI. Specifically, I'm leveraging GPT-3 and my background in psychology to build tools that can enhance the effectiveness of organizations, teams, and individuals. I've also spent the last several months down the rabbit hole of new technologies like blockchain that have huge implications for the future of work.

At the core of everything I do is the belief that human progress is an organized effort. By leveraging science and technology, we can enable organizations to achieve their goals more efficiently than ever before. Ultimately, my desire is to bring science and technology to the forefront of the fight to save humanity from the dark future depicted by science fiction and enable them to achieve goals that pay dividends back to society.

If you'd like to connect, Twitter or LinkedIn are great places to start. I love hearing from my readers and I'm always open to chat–whether you're seeking advice, want to talk about my work, or just want to say hello, my inbox is always open!✌️